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British Firms Win Kingdom Tower Contract

Two major British construction companies have had a big win securing contracts on what will be the next tallest building in the world, The Kingdom Tower.

Set to be the first kilometer tall building in the history of mankind, the Kingdom Tower will have its construction managed under a joint venture between EC Harris and Mace who recently worked successfully on the supertall, super-expensive Shard.

Between them, EC Harris and Mace will provide not only the project management for the 780 million scheme, but also commercial and design management. In doing so they will overcome some impressive engineering hurdles to create the half a million square metre mixed-use development that's been designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill.

One feature that will prove particularly impressive will be a new observation deck that projects from the tower like a protruding saucer breaking its clean futuristic lines. It seems a certainty that it will have enormous appeal for aspiring BASE jumpers who hope they can make it over the railings before security gets to them.

The Kingdom Tower is part of the emerging Kingdom City development, a new real estate project being constructed north of Jeddah. Jeddah already has a reputation as the most liberal city in Saudi Arabia, perhaps the Islamic equivalent of Shenzhen in nineties China. It's hoped this massive new tower will act as the centerpiece to attract a greater amount of international investment to the most liberal place in the Kingdom.
Kingdom Tower, Saudi Arabia
Kingdom Tower, Saudi Arabia