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Istanbuls Jenga Tower

Anadolu Plaza in Istanbul is the latest in a series of proposed office towers to stand overlooking the major D100 motorway.

30 floors in height and designed by Kreatif Mimarlik, the design features a solid red core with the offices hung off it like a collection of glass jenga blocks. What makes the building particularly interesting is the idea that the office spaces could even be individually attached and detached to the tower as and when needed making it infinitely reconfigurable by the developer, the Anadolu Grup.

How this will work in practice remains to be seen, but the intention is to try and attract smaller companies who want their own individually organised office spaces amongst the 22,000 square metres that could be on offer.

The colour scheme draws its influence from the red and white of the Turkish flag. In a further patriotic link, the developer's name, Anadolu, stems from Anatolia, which is the region of Turkey.

On the ground a new public plaza is planned along with landscaped greenery that also serves the purpose of covering up the underground parking garage that fills much of the basement on the site and acting as a barrier for the nearby motorway.

Perhaps soon, Plug-In-City could finally become real on a massive scale in Istanbul.
Anadolu Plaza, Istanbul
Anadolu Plaza, Istanbul