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The Leaning Tower of Sydney

They may have missed out on the skyscraper boom in their home country of Britain but Grimshaw Architects has designed a cleverly leaning skyscraper for the Australian city of Sydney, that if it gets built will be well over 200 metres tall.

The residential-led project, to stand on the corners of Smith and Darcy Street, thanks to the clever use of geometry seems to lean. The architects have taken an original approach by splitting the tower into two individual vertical elements connected by a central lightwell and core.

This not only contributes to the unique shape as the two halves seemingly splay away from each other, but also allows the very interior of the building to be lit by natural light. Apartment front doors on what would traditionally be enclosed internal corridors can actually be opened to views of the outside.

The precise make up of the scheme is still under consideration. The maximum height allowed for the site is 280 metres, with Grimshaw hoping to achieve planning permission for a building this tall in an attempt to make it the landmark skyscraper of for the Parramatta City Council area. This would see the tower built with 78 floors rather than the initial 65-floor building that was mooted. At the maximum allowable height it would host 483 apartments and a 180-bedroom luxury hotel whilst the lowest floors would contain about 1,000 square metres of retail.

Whether a 220 metre skyscraper or a 280 metre tall offering gets built is anyone's guess, but at least both designs promise the Leaning Tower of Sydney.
Parramatta Square, Sydney
Parramatta Square, Sydney