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Honeycombed Turkish Tower

Playing on hexagonal shapes and hexagons is a new residential tower in Istanbul with the excitable name, Hype 2.

The forty-floor building starts off at ground level with a honeycomb plan consisting of three hexagons. Differing combinations of this are then stacked on top of each other creating projecting and deeply recessed balconies that expose some of the perimeter steel structural columns. These have been sparingly deployed, only standing precisely where they are needed.

The upper levels of the tower step back to two hexagonal cells, and then on the top floors only one. These should boast 360-degree views of Istanbul. The intention is to maximise the green space on offer for every resident, and although it is not located on a beachfront site, views of the Mamara coastline that are considered commercially lucrative for the upper end of the Istanbul market.

Cladding the exterior of the building will be a concrete fašade. This will be coloured on the lower levels with a warm brown hue but as the building rises the tower fades to white.

With a height of 174 metres, the building has been designed by GAD Architecture, and although dominated by residential space, the podium section will have office areas, shops and restaurants.
Hype 2, Istanbul
Hype 2, Istanbul