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Another Day Another Twisting Tower

Such is the popularity of twisting towers these days the design could be considered almost passé. The latest of these is a 140 metre tall affair planned for in the city of Guayaquil in Ecuador.

Designed as the centrepiece for a new urban development called Macro Urban City that will consist of 13 different buildings, the main tower is named The Point, and intended to serve the scheme as landmark office space opposite the existing Puerto Santa Ana meaning it will go some way towards creating a single cluster for the area.

Included in it will be a serviced office centre with its own separate branding entitled The Icon Centre with an auditorium, 18 meeting rooms, executive offices, and office suites from 45 square metres upwards.

Developed by Pronobis and designed by Borroto Architects and Quito, the tower features top and bottom levels that are twisting in opposite directions with the floor plates then rotating six degrees on the last one meaning that the 30 floors of the building rotate a total of 180 degrees providing a full spiralling effect.

This is done partly to try and make its form address and interact with the passing river rather than simply be a spectator that watches it pass by. There’s also the by-product of maximising the views from within the office space, something that adds to the commercial appeal of the scheme.
The Icon Centre
The Icon Centre