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Meriton Look To Infinity And Beyond

Soon to be rising in the Australian city of Brisbane is the Infinity Tower, an approved 236 metre tall skyscraper that will rise 73 floors in height.

Standing on Northern Herschel Street, it has been designed to accommodate 414 luxury apartments, 10,000 square metres of office space on the lower floors, and an enormous ten levels of basement parking that despite this will only host 248 cars giving an idea of how small the towers footprint is.

As a result the design is slender to an extreme although despite this, each floor will be able to contain up to eight one bedroom apartments.

The southern face of the building has been designed to appear as an elongated semi circular tube with contrasting lightly shade external balconies sat in front of the dark floor to ceiling glazing with gaps cutting through each level to create vertical curves that break up what would otherwise be a repetitive look. These are penned to connect to two balcony levels that wrap entirely around the tower as a couple of well spaced horizontal bands.

The other side of the tower is clearly shaped like half a hexagon thanks to the lack of balconies curving around it. Here vertical fins decorate it providing much needed solar shading on the northern side of the tower. These continue to the top cutting through the roof in a collection of fašade overruns.

Developed by Meriton, site preparation is now underway with a very big hole that will eventually be over 30 metres deep starting to emerge.
Infinity Tower, Brisbane
Infinity Tower, Brisbane