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How Would You Design Londons Skyline

We all like Sim City but have you ever wanted to play god with the actual London skyline. This new tool from Hayes Davidson, the imaging company who come up with so many of those visualisations of London in the future, will allow you to do just that.

Showing one of the views towards St Paul's Cathedral from north London that's protected, it allows you to see the London skyline looked like in the past, albeit with the inclusion of the Barbican Towers but little else, what it looks like today in 2010, and what has been consented to be built.

What's more notable however is the ability to delete the major towers on the skyline, move them around, and add your own if you so wish. You can finally see what London would look like had the British Empire invaded Paris and shipped the Eiffel Tower back, or perhaps you'd rather fancy yourself as an insanely rich Arab who wishes to build the Burj Khalifa right next to St Paul's Cathedral.

Once you've done this you can download a copy of your megalomanic fantasy, or even send it to your friends so they can see the scale of things if you feel like educating them.

Beyond simply being fun it allows the general public to see what the skyline actually looks like from here and imagine it with only St Paul's Cathedral really visible. Interestingly, despite the height of the dome, it is dominated by the vast expanse of London that stretches miles into the distance and almost swallows it up and from here it seems to make little difference if the Shard appears behind it or not.

If you want to check it out go to - www.hayesdavidson.com/skyline
London Skyline V1.3.1
London Skyline V1.3.1