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Rosarios Slice Of High Rise Tropical Paradise

The go-ahead has been given to a new twin towered project for Rosario, in the Santa Fe province of Argentina. Named the Maui Towers Resort it will form part of a larger development called Puerto Norte, which translates as North Port.

The towers opt for a simple rectangular design and will stand at an approximated 140 metres, despite there being a 130 metre limit in that area there is some room for movement.

The towers are constructed from white concrete and what appears to be a charcoal coloured glazing, white being the main colour while certain edges of the towers and balconies are picked out in the charcoal colour which adds some interest to the towers look. Slightly slanted, glazed peaks top the towers and probably thanks to the height restrictions in place no one has seen fit to add any spires.

The towers themselves will house a Sheraton hotel and apartments and will offer holiday makers the usual luxuries such as spa facilities including sauna, Jacuzzis and gymnasium along with restaurants, conference room and cafes.

Within the grounds of the tower a huge water park features offering an exciting array of fun things to do such as Jacuzzis, various pools with pool bars where visitors can swim, surf and s, there will be artificial waves included to make the surfing experience just a little more realistic.

Also included are artificial islands and purpose built beaches aimed at creating a man-made tropical paradise that the developer hopes will make the project faithful to the brand name. If none of that appeals though there are also bars and cafes thrown in for good measure.
Maui Towers Resort, Rosario
Maui Towers Resort, Rosario