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Makes Odeon West End Approved

Westminster Council has approved plans by Make for Steamboat Ltd for a new building to replace the Odeon West End on London's famous Leicester Square.

With 22,180 square metres of floor space over ten floors above ground and three below ground, the scheme contains two new cinema screens for Odeon located in the basement, three restaurants bounding on to Leicester Square and another one on the top floor.

There is also a 205 bedroom hotel which takes up most of the building, and a residential element consisting of 33 apartments for those who don't mind living in ground zero of London's entertainment district.

Thanks to the design of the plans the public entrance to the scheme is very noticeable with the building massed to turn inwards on itself with a void in the middle of the building that sunlight can directly fall into naturally illuminating the innards.

This void also helps turn the building into two visually distinct blocks when viewed from Leicester Square just as the existing buildings on the site already do.

The scale of the building is such it has been massed to fit in with the parapets of neighbouring buildings that overlook Leicester Square creating more visual continuity with its roof-top.

What is particularly noticeable about the scheme is the shiny stainless steel facades that overlook Leicester Square like a turret. With panels covering the curving form of the building giving it a reflective appearance, the curving tower-like section on the corner of St Martin's Street becomes the landmark feature of the building.

On other elevations stone is used muting the appearance toning the building down preventing it from dominating the streets around it. Originally the entirety of the building was to be covered in shiny steel but this was dropped following complaints from Westminster Council.

As a point of historical reference Make are using a mixture of opaque and translucent glass and transparent glass coloured blue. This is intended to evoke the traditional blue neon that Odeon cinemas have so long employed creating a modern building that is mindful of its past as well as looking to the future.
Odeon West End, London
Odeon West End, London