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Curvaceous Cumayasa

A-cero, the Spanish based architectural firm headed by Joaquin Torres, have revealed plans for a massive complex to be located in the coastal district of Cumayasa in the Dominican Republic.

Covering an area of 1,400 hectares the complex will provide over 3,000 luxury villas along with three hotels, four golf courses and a marina.

Set next to an inlet and surrounded by lush greenery the complex aims to bring the best in water based activities such as water skiing swimming and other aquatic pastimes as well as having unparrelled golf greens for the golf fanatics and for those neither inclined to swimming or golf the surrounding area provides countless walking and trekking opportunities.

The buildings in the complex which are all low rise buildings to make as little impact on the surrounding environment as possible all share a curvaceous look to them.

The curves are used as a different feature throughout, some buildings sporting curved roofs while others have curved walls which helps each villa achieve its own unique look rather than being carbon copies of each other.

The principal building materials used in the project are wood and natural stone although in places these are combined with steel and glass. The glass element is however used sparingly due to the weather and high temperatures - no one wants to be cooked in their own home. Instead, light and airy with plenty of natural ventilation is the name of the game.

The rooms of the hotels and villas are naturally ventilated, and the design of their interiors allow an interesting play of light, shadow and colour, top quality fixtures and fittings will be used.

The complex is landscaped throughout so if residents or visitors are feeling to lazy to walk the golf course of the hills there's plenty of places close at hand to chill out in.
One of the larger villas
One of the larger villas
Rio Apartments, Cumuyasa
Rio Apartments, Cumuyasa