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Mayor Comes Out In Support For Stratford Tower

The office of the Mayor of London has cast its watchful eye over a planned 26 storey tower by Allies and Morrison sitting on a key site in Stratford.

Sitting on a 0.23 hectare site bordered by Station Street, Great Eastern Road, and Stratford bus station, the New Station House will be largely residential containing 260 new apartments, 140 of which will be one bedroom with the remainder have two beds.

There will also be 536 square metres of retail space on the ground floor and 5,197 square metres of office space on the five floors above it. Three basement levels will host 62 cars, 18 motorbikes and 296 bicycles.

It has however been reduced in scale from the original outline proposals for the site which saw an application go in for a 32 storey building.

The scheme features a circular tower laid on a north west / south east axis. It will be glazed in a double skin with the outer cladding featuring louvered panels and patterned fašade that has each level slightly offsetting the panels horizontally from the floor under it creating a complex texture from a distance.

The double skin also helps serve the purpose of making the building more energy efficient through the inclusion of compact winter gardens in this area that will insulate the tower in the cold as well as provide improved shielding from solar gain in the warmer months of the year.

Attention has been paid to the green options in the proposals too. The project will have a biomass boiler that contributes to the power of the building and will offset as much as 12.7% of the total CO2 emissions, a figure that meets the minimum target in London of 10%.

Not all the public consulted bodies however are happy. Although the proposals are supported by English Heritage, the local Newham Council has serious reservations and in November refused planning permission to the scheme.

They were most concerned about the lack of housing of social housing which is well under 50% of the total, even when adding up the on site numbers, off site provision and additional money to be contributed by the developer. There were also worries that the project had too much housing facing north in it.

Quite where this leaves the project remains to be seen as it's a view with which the Mayor's office disagrees. They have come out in support of the scheme saying an approval will be "in the interests of the good strategic planning of London".

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