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Foster Plans Moscow Whopper

Moscow has unveiled its fair share of stunning skyscrapers of late but the latest offering to the world's stage of architecture has the City well and truly stealing the show, encore, flowers and champagne fuelled after party.

Designed by revered architect Sir Norman Foster the tower named Crystal Island will be located on the peninsula between Moscow River and Andropov Avenue.

Covering a whopping 2,670,000 square metres and stand at 450 metres tall making the tower the biggest building in the world and carries a hefty price tag of approximately $4 billion. Yes, you read that floor area correctly - it is over four times the size of the Pentagon.

The design copies some of the other tents that are springing up around the world lately hopefully not signalling an invasion of circus folk, clowns being particularly scary individuals.

With a very thin peak the tower sprawls outwards and downwards with a glass fašade which is angular in imitation of cut crystal. The fašade will have solar panels and is solar responsive and works with wind turbines to generate energy for the tower. Atriums will also provide natural ventilation for the tower.

The tower will be multi use containing a hotel, business centre and office spaces, a sports centre, entertainment centre and shopping mall as well as restaurants and cafes giving workers, shoppers and anyone else who visits a good variety of things to do. Visitor numbers are expected to be high judging by the planned 16,500 space car park that is located underground and will go some way towards the massive internal area of the building.

At night the tower will be lit up providing a stunning focal point from inland and anyone boating along the river.

Work on the project has been given a rather ambitious time frame of 5 years but one thing is for sure no matter how long it takes Russia will be showing the worlds skyscraper heavyweights just how it should be done.
Crystal Island Moscow
Crystal Island Moscow