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Hanging Gardens Of Stockport

An outline planning application for a new residential tower has been filed by SW Foulkes Architects in Stockport, Manchester.

Located on Lancashire Hill on a site currently occupied by the Nicholson Arms pub, the scheme has been worked on for developer CPG Investments. It will be 26 storeys above ground with the top floor being a double height mezzanine level. There will also be two basement levels for parking.

Standing at 82.1 metres tall it will comfortably become the tallest building in Stockport beating the approved Greenhale House redevelopment, also by SW Foulkes by almost 20 metres.

Within the proposal will be 181 new apartments, 87 units of which will be affordable giving it a heavy onus towards social housing. This is a substantial amount of affordable homes for a new tower block - very few schemes manage anywhere near as much let alone almost 50% of their total.

Although a typical block shape in some senses, the proposal isn't quite the usual with the cross sections showing a series of internal hanging gardens on the lowest floors and the main body of the tower cantilevered out above them giving a touch of nature that can be appreciated from ground level whether inside or out.

Detail is added to the dark grey cladding by vertical strips of lightboxes that can be illuminated in low light or at night to create a lit patterning on the facades of the tower.

Currently the application is only in outline, an approach that is used to establish the basic principles of a development before the architect designs it in full detail. More should emerge in 2008.

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