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Allies and Morrison Hit Moorgate

Allies and Morrison, an architect so busy they seem to be designing half the buildings in London at the moment, has planned this new mixed use building at 8-10 Moorgate for developer Stanhope.

The project will be situated with Kings Arm Yard to the south and Telegraph Street to the north. It will retain the stone facades of 17 Tokenhouse Yard and 8-10 Moorgate whilst demolishing everything behind. In addition, as part of the development, two more buildings will be completely demolished at 3 and 4 Kings Arm Yard and 8-10 Telegraph Street.

One of the noticeable quirks of the present building is when viewed along Moorgate it appears substantially shorter than its neighbour, almost as if it is missing a roof. The development addresses this thanks to a mansard roof that substantial boosts its height past the retained fašade creating a more coherent look down the street and conveniently providing more internal space at the same time.

The logic behind retaining the facades rather than renovating the current buildings is partly driven by mismatched floor levels that would make commercially friendly rectangular floor-plates that fill the entire site impossible to achieve. There will be 11,221 square metres of lettable office space throughout the scheme.

8-10 Moorgate won't be all offices. There's presently a wine bar on the site but this is located at basement level. The plans are to move it to the ground floor to create an animated street front rather than a closed office building.

In the portion of the site that is presently 17 Tokenhouse Yard, a small number of apartments, one for each floor adding up to only 9 in total, will be constructed in this partially renovated section of the building.

The planning application for the project is with the City of London planning department now with a decision likely on whether the scheme can proceed to be made by the planning committee early in 2008.

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