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Denton Corker Marshall Architect, Renovation Architect
We have 12 projects listed for this firm.


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# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
12-3 Hardman BoulevardArchitect442011Approved
21 New York StreetArchitect552009Complete
3Civil Justice CentreArchitect802007Complete
4Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park LondonRenovation Architect481891Complete
5Birmingham Magistrates CourtArchitect58 On Hold
6Building N01 Stratford City Block AArchitect36 Approved
7Building N01 Stratford City Block BArchitect37 Approved
8Building N01 Stratford City Block CArchitect41 Approved
9Building N01 Stratford City Block DArchitect41 Approved
10Building N01 Stratford City Block EArchitect35 Approved
11Building N01 Stratford City Block FArchitect35 Approved
12Whitworth Street WestArchitect128 Cancelled